Turning your idea
into reality

To become an entrepreneur is to identify opportunities and transform them into businesses, adding value to your life and society.

Consulting and mentoring company specialized in entrepreneurship and business management.

GoGetter Consulting came out organically, helping people to start their own business or expand. Today, we are dedicated to the professionalization of entrepreneurs who want to leave their legacy in the world.

We are here to assist you and your company at every stage of this journey.

The professionalization of your business is the biggest investment you can make for your future.

1st phase

Understanding the idea and its potentials

Our expert will analyze your idea and value proposition, according to the current scenario, and verify your growth potential.

2nd phase

Building a solid and promising foundation

As important as having a great idea, is to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and expand your knowledge about management and business.

Stage 3

Building and expanding your business

It’s time to organize and plan your business growth in a sustainable way: gather the necessary investments, tie your seat belts and take off.

Entrepreneurship and Business, where to start...

Startup, Small or Medium Enterprise…

We’re here to assist in your first big step!

Some points to take into consideration when opening your business…

Mindset and Personal Development

Work your mindset and professionalize yourself.

Business Model

Define your Business Model.

Organization and Processes

Achieve your goals.

Financial management

Have a sustainable enterprise.


Create a Minimum Viable Product.


Analyze the competition and do market research.


Raise funds and search for investors.

Leadership and recruitment

Form a qualified team.


Set up a network of contacts.

What we want...


Our mission is to inspire people and companies to turn their ideas into reality through simple and creative solutions.


Our vision is to empower people to make every day professional life better for everyone.


Support people to start their business and help entrepreneurs and employees to:
- become more organized, productive and efficient, simplifying processes;
- reduce costs by respecting and valuing a positive corporate environment;
- value the experience and expectations of customers;
- optimize working time, promoting the balance of personal and professional life;
- deal with changes and integrate technology in your daily activities.

"When building a business, it is important to identify key problems and to find solutions. It is also a major challenge, which may require risky maneuvers or even the closure of the project. This happened to me and taught me what not to do!"
Priscilla Mannis
GoGetter Consulting
"Regardless of your profession, previous experiences or available financial resources, having persistence and learning from adversity is the fuel for continuing to pursue your goals."
Priscilla Mannis
GoGetter Consulting
Priscilla Mannis, founder of GoGetter Consulting