“To do List” and lack of time

Cheerful business woman looking at watch.

The phrase “I don’t have time” is undoubtedly one of the most proclaimed in the corridors of absolutely everywhere, whether in a company, a bank, a hospital or a house. The feeling of lack of time is recurrent and often seems that is ascending: each day that passes it seems that time has passed faster and we have less and less time.

This race against time ends up postponing the execution of many plans. However, an analysis closer to the routine of “timeless” people tends to point out that long periods of time are often allocated to activities that do not contribute to achieve the true objectives.

This means that the problem is usually not the lack of time,but the lack of prioritizing the time you have to devote to what really matters to achieve expected goals.

But then how to prioritize and organize your time?

One tip is to take a step back and answer: what’s your goal? Once the goal is clear, it is time to list the activities that have to be done in order to get there. It is also important to do a list of all day-to-day activities you “must do”.

Now go back to that list: do you really need to do everything listed there?

It seems like a silly question, yet we often “create” activities to be done because we unconsciously procrastinate what we really should be doing. Remember, those who have many priorities often end up without any real priority.

Removing the activities that are neither important nor urgent, it is time to recheck the list and see what can be automated, outsourced, or that you can delegate to someone. These actions will already greatly optimize the number of activities that really need to be done and eliminate a lot of time lost – thus saving a space on your agenda to focus on what really matters.

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