Sales strategies and customer relationship during crisis periods

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There is no doubt that moments of crisis impact people’s personal and professional lives. In addition to the economy impact, crises can be synonymous of drastic changes in the individual routine of customers and even change the entire society – such as Covid-19.

Despite the negative aspects that a crisis brings, there are also aspects that can generate significant changes in a positive way. Therefore, it is important to create a change management plan establishing strategies to keep positive results during this period and prepare it to take-off again.

Focusing on the possibilities that moments like this can generate, we’ve compiled some tips to help your business:

New products/solutions

In times of disstability, it is normal for clients to focus efforts on specific areas and basic needs. However, “the basics” currently consists of a set of needs that vary widely compared to decades and hundreds of years ago, those are no longer composed only of physiological needs – considering here the basis of the classic Pyramid of Maslow (well, at least smartphone and internet did not yet exist when the hierarchy was idealized and somepeople say that cannot live without!).

Therefore, the most important thing here is to detect what YOUR client is looking for in these moments. Create products to deliver what your customer needs and create new sources of revenue during the crisis.

Customer retention

Experienced sales professionals know how much it costs to create new customers: it costs much more than maintaining the loyalty of an existing one. So keep your customers close to your business – offer support and special options/conditions to keep them, if necessary, as they will likely consume your products again after the crisis.

Online + Offline – Here’s the question: Does it work?

A first step is to check if there is a possibility of making your product/activity digital. Then check: if there is demand of the digital format during this period, if the customer will be able to buy it and if the custumer will be able to use/access the digital format. In addition, look for ways to differentiate your product/services from other offers and see if you can offer continuity when the market is restored.

Thus, your business operation will not be interrupted during a period of crisis or social distancing for example. Some adaptations may occur, but it will not necessarily represent big impact, interfering with business health when it takes-off again.

Finally, remember that every crisis develops new patterns of consumption. People end up adopting new ways of dealing with day-to-day activities and with many novelties that are emerging in their routines. Many must remain. Stay one step ahead, try to understand your customer’s new behavior.

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