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At GoGetter, we offer our best to help people take their dreams off the paper and guide them through the whole process of undertaking.

We take our customers’ success seriously! We give all the support to go through the most difficult moments and vibrate with the positive results achieved in your projects.

“Hello, i’m sorry. My name is Sabrini, I’m a physiotherapist, I’m starting a company in the field of preventive health and I’ve been mentored by Priscilla for 4 months. I’ve always dreamed of setting up my space to bring a little more health to people. I confess that my dream seemed perfect, if I mastered the art of taking this project off the paper and knew how to plan me efficiently, but that was not the case.

I met Priscilla at a finance workshop and decided that triggering GoGetter was all I needed to shape that dream. Priscilla was wonderful and caring to me all the time, respecting my limitations and my lack of experience in the area.

The Agatha Clinic has gained a super structure, I am grateful for all the experience and teaching that Priscilla has added in my life, especially for my business.”

Sabrini Resende

Aesthetic & Physiotherapy

GoGetter’s Priscilla has great tools for time organization, productivity and entrepreneurial mindset development.

Recommended readings and videos aggregate and reflect. She has a lot of knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship, which gives you credibility and security in following your instructions.

The assistance given to the customer is also excellent. She always gives a little way to answer, solving questions and encouraging you. I recommend without reservation the consulting of GoGetter!

Iriana Vettori


Sugar Loaf


“I knew Priscilla’s work at a time in my life that was in need of focus and a push like that.So I just made a coffee with her and since then she’s been my mentor/consultant and she’s helping me get my ideas off the paper. She has also been helping me get financial help from the Government of Ireland, using the resources they offer to small businesses.

Each incentive has a different application, with a different deadline, with a different form, and Priscilla’s mentoring keeps me motivated and productive.

I super recommend the work of GoGetter! This has been the best investment I have made in my professional life.”

Waneska Valois

Boudoir Photo

“We met GoGetter at a time of growth and restructuring of the agency. We knew we needed to improve our processes, optimize our time and focus on what really made this result. But we had no idea how to do that!

Priscilla has done a detailed analysis of helloNira and our interests. We carry out a series of activities to design an ideal and viable scenario. We’re barely done consulting and a lot has already been put into practice.

The whole process was conducted in a caring and professional manner. Priscilla has a spectacular business vision! We recommend GoGetter without reservation!”

Fernanda Bassi

Digital Marketing Agency

Kelly Baldonado

“I started consulting two months ago and it was a game changer for me. I was 5 years ago being ‘my own business’ and GoGetter helped me to be clear in the visualizations. Getting out of the comfort zone is not easy but it can be light without suffering.

I’m greatly improving the way I think about Marketing in general, about business, about what I really want for my future.

Super recommend having this aid.

It is an investment that I will surely reap my rewards at the right time.”

Kelly Baldonado

Therapist and Fitness

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