Want to become an entrepreneur? 10 reasons to start your project!

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Entrepreneurship goes far beyond starting a business or having a brilliant idea – it’s a way of acting and thinking, constantly being out of your comfort zone. Entrepreneurial people identify opportunities and transform them into business, seeking strategies to modify their own future and business, generating value for customers and society.

In addition, many entrepreneurs indicate that there are several benefits of entering this world and venturing out with a new business idea. We separate for you the 10 main reasons to start your own business pointed out by those who already started this journey:

1. Transform your surroundings!

A new idea has the ability to transform. The solutions that your business offers bring what you believe to the world and can contribute – and even transform – society and its community, whatever the scale (people, places, cultures, personal habits, consumption habits, etc.).

2. Materialization of your efforts

Who does not like that feeling of seeing the result of a project that you have been planning for a while and dedicated to turn it into reality? When you’re ready, you look and feel that it is your result!

Every result achieved with our dedication and effort is a delight. Now, can you imagine the feeling of accomplishment when the realization is your own idea or dream?

In addition, consumers pay for a product the value its impact on their lives. It means that people do not pay the value of a lipstick just because it costs “X” to be produced, but they pay for the impact that this lipstick will generate in their life. So, the market will pay how much your product/service really is worth to them. The more you strive to add value, the better return you will have.

3. Personal Satisfaction and Recognition

Yes, when people engage with an activity in which they truly believe (whether it is to provide services, develop products or building a structure), they tend to feel pleasure and experience situations of ecstasy – different from what can be experienced in a regular job.

Have you ever had that feeling of not being recognized for your work? Recognition is a direct result of the effort and dedication applied to your enterprise!

For many, it is a delight to be recognized for the service provided, for the product that worked for a customer, or even when one hears: “wow, it made a total difference in my life”.
Yes, the entrepreneur makes a difference!

4. Constant personal development and Multidisciplinarity

Every type of business needs to be constantly growing/evolving to keep up with the market. This requires not only business growth itself, but constant personal growth – you can see a better version of itself.
Therefore, it is important to connect with the people around you, improving your personal values and beliefs to be aligned with the way you expect to impact the world, society, your community. People consume and interact with what they identify – good values, attract good connections and results.
In addition, starting a personal project develops multidisciplinarity in people. How many entrepreneurs had never studied about marketing, sales, accounting, finance, management, how to deal with people and others, but ended up expanding their knowledge in these areas?

As an entrepreneur, the habit of studying will be essential in your routine!

5. Neither idleness nor boredom: Live unpredictably

If you’re the type that doesn’t adapt to repetitive routines and prefers to be always doing different things managing risks, entrepreneurship can be a great option!

Living with uncertainty can be exciting and motivating – news will always emerge since events will not be predictable.

The entrepreneur’s routine always brings new things and issues (or problems?!?) to be solved.

6. Age doesn’t matter

To become an entrepreneur no matter your age. In fact, there are many examples of very young or very mature people who have achieved their goals and financial growth by starting their own businesses.

7. Legacy and Source of Inspiration

You want to leave a legacy to the world?

If we think that an entrepreneur may live another 30 years after the business establishment (or more), but the legacy can last for decades or hundreds of years. So, we could say that entrepreneurship is a way to make your mark.

With this in mind, entrepreneurs also inspire others to become entrepreneurs, in addition to inspiring a generation of customers with their ideas. Long-lasting business becomes an entrepreneur’s legacy for society, either by running the business itself or due to the transformation promoted by the product, service, management model developed or example of life.

8. Flexibility

Gain flexibility in your time and workplace. The entrepreneur can create his own routine wherever he wants, everything will depend on how his idea will be aligned with his life expectation.

However, it is also important to remember that being an entrepreneur also means high demand for time and attention to the business, especially in the kick-off phase. Planting to harvest!

9. Humanization and Teamwork

With the mishaps of the entrepreneur’s path, it will be important to realize that we are all human, flesh and blood – we make mistakes (a lot of mistakes!). Accepting our limitations, our eyes will be even more opened to the world around us and, as a consequence, it will bring even more possibilities.

Another valuable learning is the value of teamwork. After all, sooner or later, the entrepreneurs realizes that they cannot do everything alone – employees and partners become necessary and part of a business solid foundation.

Interdependence requires a strong sense of humility. One person will depend on several others to be successful, starting with their own employees and customers. The more you exercise humility, the better you’ll be able to orchestrate all of this.

10. The sky is the limit

The classic feeling that the sky is the limit becomes the best friend of the entrepreneurs and give them ability to create and grow – or should we say that “the universe is the limit”, upgrading to new discoveries…

For those who are still in doubt between starting a new business or continuing as an employee, it is important to make a decision based on their own purposes and objectives, in addition to personal beliefs. However, a point quite reinforced by those who are already business owners is the absence of external limit imposition: “I can get where I want as long as my boss or some superior recognizes my work”.

The only “as long as” will be: as long as I chase my own success!

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